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KHALISIA Fahrradtasche Roll-Up Shopper Fahrrad

Roll-Up Shopper

New: Khalisia 3in1 Speedbag – The waterproof pannier in subtle black!

  • Unique, strong design
  • 100% waterproof pannier
  • Robust & sustainable materials
  • Variable volume due to roll closure
  • 3in1 function – quickly convert from a luggage carrier bag to a rolltop backpack or shoulder bag


Journey innovative – journey with the Khalisia Speedbag!

Use our waterproof 3in1 Speedbag as a backpack, shoulder bag, or as a luggage carrier bag and plunge into your next adventure! Due to the versatile use you are well prepared with the backpack during trekking, long bike tours, or on a day trip through the city.  With the removable notebook bag, the Speedbag is  also useful for everyday work!

100% Recyclable & 100% Waterproof –  The Speedbag gets these properties mainly through the use of odorless and sustainable materials, such as the shatterproof metal brackets, which can be hung on any luggage rack with a diameter of up to 1.5 cm.  Thanks to  the roll closure, the size of the bicycle bag can be increased or reduced as required (max. 22 liters).

Click here  to learn more about the smart Speedbags!

Khalisia Speedbag is more than just a simple pannier!

Whether on your back,  shoulder or  bike – with the bag you will always reach your destination!